How to identified object into active window #2 in True client 12.50

Hi everyone,

I am scripting on Windows Dynamics CRM 2012 app  with True Client 12.50. When I click on a button, CRM opens a new window and I have to fill informations into it. 

TC records it perfectly and add a "Activate browser window #2" event. But in replay mode TC obvusly can't find the field I want to fill.  And It can't highlight the object.

Does anyone know how to configure the Object repository to be sure that TC search the object in the right windows.

Thanks for your replies.



  • Hello,

    In interactive/Development mode you should select the correct Window in TruClient Toolbar > Window tab . Then you will be able to highlight the object.

    If you encounter issues during replay I suggest adding another Activate broiwser window step right before the failing step.