How to get text from alert popup using TruClient protocol


I'm hoping someone can help or point me towards a post with the solution (I've searched but didn't come up with anything that exactly matched my query)


Using Loadrunner version 12.53  and the TruClient protocol to test our product. For the most part all is well but one thing I'd like to do is verify the contents of an alert dialog. For example, I create an item and then select the cancel function. A dialog alert then pop-ups to state "Cancel requisition entry and lose any changes?". I'd like to verify that the text displayed matches my expected text.

In selenium this is straight forward by the following code (but is it possible in loadrunner?):

//Get Cancellation alert text
IAlert alert = driver.SwitchTo().Alert();
string actualvalue = alert.Text;
Assert.IsTrue(actualvalue.Contains("Cancel requisition entry and lose any changes?"), actualvalue "Doesn't contain 'Cancel requisition entry and lose any changes?'");

hoping someone can advise