Set Username and Password Before Recording

Hi, all.

I have been creating a VuGen script for our company's web application using Web - HTTP/HTML protocol. However, the web application uses an authentication method that automatically detects and uses my Windows login credentials as username and password to the web app. I am using a computer with Windows login that DOES NOT have access to the web app, hence, causing me to land in the authentication error page of my web app.

Is there a way that I can make Mercury Web Recorder NTML Authentication appears before/during recording (see screenshot)? Because this only appears after recording where it detects that during recording, it needs to download resources that requires authentication.

Or is there another way for me to set my username and password during recording?

I have the following constraints though:

1. I do not have access to a Windows account which has access to the application.

2. We cannot change the design of the application or make any code changes to the application.

Thanks, all.