How to Convert BodyBinary to XML format on GWT plugin

Hi there,

Could you please help me in advsing with a your expertise for a possible solution on below case?

a. Enabled 'GWT Extension' with WAR file in VuGen (application is built with GWT)

b. When started recording, GWT extension works only on for "Body" of web_custom_request, NOT for 'BodyBinary' part. (when i say its works, VuGen Generates 'Web_Convert_from_formatted' in XML format and references this against 'Body' part, same XML formart is not getting generated for 'BodyBinary'

Note: Correlating is 'BodyBinary' portion is not a small work, becaseu body binary has data more than two pages.

Please advice

  • Hi Narash,

    I believe you are asking a question related to load runner, and this is not the right place. You may post the question at:


    And if you are a customer you can also post your question at: