Web (http/htm)l script running in Vugen, however not in Controller



I have a Web (http/html) script that runs an "external" C function. The scripts looks like this:


Init Block

#include "C:\LoadRunnerKit_D6.7SP1\lib\lr_ucf.c"

Action Block

setUID(); <- Function


lr_util.c (file in the script)

setUID(char *msg) {
	char buf[50];
	char modified_hostname[256];
	int uid;
	strcpy (buf, "/");
	strcat (buf, lr_eval_string("webtop"));  // Prepend "/" to the Context

	/* This has been removed due to UCF Invoker issues. Currently only HTTP is supported 
	// Overloading the parameter Hostname by prepending the protocol portion of the URL onto 
	// the front to allow for SSL support. */
	strcpy (modified_hostname, lr_eval_string("http"));     

	lr_message( "%s: buf is now: %s", lr_eval_string("{ClientID}"),buf);
	uid = getUID(atoi(lr_eval_string("7338")),"GAIR", lr_eval_string("http"), lr_eval_string("X.X.X.X"), atoi(lr_eval_string("80")), buf, lr_eval_string("{JSess}"), msg);

    lr_save_string(buf, "UID");
	if ( atoi(buf) < 0)
		lr_message( "%s: Failed! UID is: %s",lr_eval_string("{ClientID}"), buf);
	else {
		lr_message( "%s: Success! UID is: %s", lr_eval_string("{ClientID}"), buf);

This is a Documentum (Webtop) script, in Vugen runs perfect, however when i try to run the script in the LR Controller, the Action block doesn't run. No error messages, the transaction where the setUID function runs, just stops, same story with the Action, stops without errors.


I ran out of ideas, what could be the problem?.