License security violation. Please restore proper system time.

Hi Community.

I've benn using the community edition of LoadRunner 12.5 for some months and the tool is truly helpful. But last week, a co-worker came to me for help and while we was trying to explain me something and he changed the system date to a future date. Later then, i tried to restor the date back to how it was before, but now i can't use the controller. The error of the pop-up says "License security violation. Please restore proper system time."

Since it was the free version i though that a re-install would solved it, but i'm still getting the error. 

Is there anyway of doing a clean uninstall? or, do i need to wipe out the OS?

Thanks for the help.

  • I don't think this needs an OS wipe out.

    this can be because of certain installations refer to the Registry, even though if you roll back your system date to something in past.

    may be you can try the following options, after uninstall of the LR,

    Search for any file that starts with wlrun.* and vugen.* – Delete the stuff founded.

    Go to Start>RUN and enter regedit to remove the following key

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->Software -> Mercury Interactive -> LoadRunner

  • Hello dear Damus,

    As you suggest, i tried to do what you mention but with no luck. 

    In detail this is what i did:

    1.- Open the setup file of the LoadRunner

    2.-In the menu, instead of install i choose uninstall.

    3.-Restart the pc.

    4.-Search for all the wlrun.* and vugen* and deleted them

    5.-Search in the regedit any key related to Loadrunner and deleted it.

    6.-Restart again the pc

    7.-Install the Loadrunner.