Need help with flex/BIN correlation



I have recorded scripts in FLEX protocol and facing issues with correlation.

in the first place, one of the amf call response has huge binary data and while viewing snapshot I see an error :

Response data was not parsed. Binary data presented loadrunner[hence cannot correlate with lr_xml_get_values]

Somehow I can see the dyamic data in the raw response.. The response string excerpt is "\x06P\x01\x06!PRC000717\x01\x01\n"

I want to capture PRC000717, and have not been successful.


Here is what I have tried in correlation and none of them are returning me results.

1. "LB/BIN=\x21","RB/BIN=\x01" [ considering != \x21]

2. "LB/BIN=\x06!","RB/BIN=\x01"

3. Regexp=PRC(.*?),


Where am I going wrong ?