Recording Siemens Teamcenter application using HP LR

Hi All


We are trying to load test Siemens Teamcenter application using HP LR 12.5. These are the issues seen

  • In Load runner we have used multiple protocols and tried recording the script ,but while taking batch file recording button is getting disabled due to which we couldn’t proceed further. Please find the attachment for reference “TC_Batch.PNG”.
    • We have tried with Command prompt  .EXE path and tried recording with multiple protocols ,but after giving login credentials we are not able record getting error and events are not getting recorded in LR. Please find the attachment for reference “TCerror.PNG”.

Kindly let us know if you had faced similair issue and steps to resolve the same.



    If you want to start recording from the batch file, It’s correct to recording cmd.exe as windows application and pass the batch file path as program arguments. But the batch file usually just do some configuration and will launch the real application at last. And from the second screenshot, the error message just show it cannot found some path, So could you dig a little more into the batch file, to see whether everything works as expected?

    Second, which protocols have you tried to record the application? How about web/http protocol?  


    Bingle(LoadRunner R&D)

  • Hello,

    I am trying to record Siemens Teamcenter application using Loadrunner 12.55 and protocol Web http/html.

    I have selected Application as cmd.exe and program argument is my bat file path. But still my application does not launch during recording. PFA screenshot.

    Could you please help me what exactly I am missing here.