Getting Could not parse the Unknown AMF type '17'.

Currently I am recording a  flex application  using flex protocol using loadrunner after recording application getting below error .Any idea how to fix it Application is kind of report generation when we click on generate button reports generation happens request are kind of async calls pulling data from database.


While recording I have selected flex protocol under multiple protocols . Under Recording options I have selected under Flex ---> Externalizable objects have selected --> Serialize objects  using custome java classes ---> Use  Flex LCDS/BlazeDS.jars Any idea how to fix the below error Refer attacement


Warning 184 Error: Could not parse the Unknown AMF type '17'.
Error: Call stack can be found in Code Generation log.Response parsing in replay was turned off for this step by adding the. "IsParseResponse=No" argument to the step.
Required Action: Check your java code and call stack. Login.c C:\LoadRunnerScripts\Heavy_Reports Heavy_Reports

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