Can anyone suggest Hyperion Worksapce Scripting in Load Runner

Hi All,


please suggest how to record and replay the hyperio workspace scripting using load runner 11.0 version

 we are not able to replay the script and transaction not reflecting on the application.

 Please guide us how to proceed with scripting using load runner.
  • Hello
    I will send a PM with the instructions.


  • Hi All,

    I am trying to create scripts for Hyperion using LoadRunner 12.02. May be some thing went wrong with IE Ineternet Options settings, the VuGen is not able to record any thing and throwing Page Not Found error in Web HTTP/ HTML. When tried to record with TrueClient IE the focus is going back to about:blank, instead of opening the application URL. 

    LoadRunner is being installed in a server that run on Windows 2008.

    The TrueClient Fire Fox recording and replaying well. But, I need to use IE 11.0 for performance testing.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  • Hi,

    I again in need of performance testing the Hyperion 11.x with LoadRunner 12.53. It's on hold for several months and now I need to complete the testing. If you are still following this forum, please help me how can I proceed? I appreciate if you have any idea on the suitable protocol to be used and any correlation tips to replay the scripts.

    Thanks well in advance,

    Ram Eernampati.