How to record RDP SaaS solution using Loadrunner?

We are testing a cloud SaaS system using Loadrunner. We have hit a wall recording this application. The application invokes an seamless RDP connection(inside browser) to connect to the cloud network and all the servers are externally hosted(outside our corporate network). The challenge is that we are able to record only till the point where the RDP connection is launched. No requests are recorded beyond this point. Only requests we see are indecipherable websocket calls. Since the business scenarios that we need to test are quite complex, working with websocket calls seems tricky and tedious. We have tried with Web(HTTP/HTML), Ajax TruClient and RDP protocols till now.

An issue while recording with Ajax TruClient protocol is that the application is mapped/projected as a single GUI element and TruClient is unable to recognize the individual objects with/without XPaths.

RDP protocol generates a blank script despite hundreds of events in the recording log!

Please advise on how to record.