Documentum D2 V4.2 with Ajax Truclient IE - Protocol Behavior

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We are doing Performance Testing of Documentum D2 and we have developed the test scripts in Ajax Truclient IE of Loadrunner. We have done a couple of tests and observed that after 50mins or so the application is throwing the some 500 error popups and scripts are getting failed. After sometime without any manual modifications from dev end, this application is working well.

One of the observation we got from the tests is all login transactions are failing when the concurrent user load reached 110-120 more.

And the Dev team is confirming that it can sustain more than 300 concurrent user load.

I want any suggestions from anyone that is there any problem with the behavior of Truclient IE Protocol ? Or with Application ?




ANY SUGGESTIONS are welcome.

  • Run your test and when you are observing issues. Try to do it manually with your dev while load test running so that you can replicate consistently live which they need to buy in anyways, as they will see the real issue under that load. Make sure keep trying ,your and devs eyes peeled.


    Don't give up sometime concurrency issues are hard to reproduce but if your tests are failing consistently then you have very high probabilities of success.



    Good Luck!




  • Hi,

    I am planning to do the Documentum D2 Performance Testing with HP Loadrunner. Please let me know which protocol is appropriate for D2. Also let me know do we have any correlations in D2 ?

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    Vivek Goyal


  • The appropriate protocol to record Documentum is web http/html....although Trucient protocol is also supported...If you want to test the Documentum with 100 users on TruClient protocol, then make a second check of the memory of your LG as each TrueClient Vuser takes a lot of memory....If your application is able to sustain 100 user load and after than it crashes, then you can check teh application by that time and can show to development team...may be there prediction of 300 concurrent login proves to be not good

  • HP has come up with a package to record the Documentum in co-ordination with EMC as its very tough application to record and execute successfully to mimic the UCF client session after understanding the architecture....It has also the correlation rules created...make use of it otherwise, you its very time consuming activity to correlate the dynamic values as its lot in number.....

  • Hi,

    Could you please share link to HP load runner package for documentum D2 testing?

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