Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination.


I am trying to run a load test on 12.02 version of controller and have 4 LG's connected to distribute the load across evenly.

The issue I am facing is that when I start the test, after few transactions(say login to website) users start failing with below error:

"Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination."

"Error: The remote host's status is 'Failed'. Check the remote host machine [and verify that it has not crashed]. [MsgId: MERR-29722]"

This doesn't happen at same point for each run. I checked if for some reason LG connection was lost, but I don't see any issue there. Checked CPU/Memory on LG as well and no issue there as well.


Same load from other set of scripts works fine.

Anyone faced this issue?