Does Load Runner support multiple protocol ?


Please let me know, does Load Runner able to help me in execution of below scenario ?

Scenario :-

End-2-end flow of my application is .ASPX web page –> 5250 emulator–>.ASPX webpage. I want to check the performance of E-2-E flow .




  • In your case you probably need to use Web HTTP or TruClient protocols for the web part, and RTE (Remote Terminal Emulation) protocol for the emulator part.

    Actually LoadRunner supports multiple protocols in a single script for most use cases, however for this particular yse case RTE cannot be combined with other protocols in the same script.

    So what you can do is the following: record two different scripts - one for web and one for emulator, Schedule them to run one after the other. For example, web script runs first until completion, then RTE script runs after it. If you also need to pass specific data between the scripts (like particular parameters) this is possible as well using for example VTS data server.