I got this error when I replay my script ( Http Status-code=409 (conflict) ) in LR how to fix it ?

I record a script , when I replay the script it give me this error (vuser_init.c(29): Error -26622: HTTP Status-Code=409 (Conflict) for "">lbslx-imaljava:8202/.../unSecureAction_prelogin" [MsgId: MERR-26622])

How to fix this error?


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  • Hello Boudi

    the Vuser_init.txt show you capturing some of the dynamic values: however, I don't see were you are using the capture values in the script.



    Upload a copy of the script to the case

    • In VuGen, open your script
    • Turn on full logging in Runtime settings,
    • Execute the script,
    • Zip up the script using Load Runner VuGen's File > Manage Zip Files… Export ,
      • select the "all files" option,
    • save the script to your desktop
    • then upload