DotnetExtensionReplay.dll: System Exceptions: Uknown

Hi All,


I am using Controller 11.5 and have dotnet scripts.

Scripts are working fine in Vugen but observing the following Error message in Controller.

"Exception was raised when calling per-thread-terminate function in extension DotnetExtensionReplay.dll: System Exceptions: Uknown"

I dont have dedicated LG ( using system next to me as LG)

Kindly let me know if any one has faced this error.

Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    This error is indication that there is a competability issue between the dll installed on the machine.

    I suggest the following:

    1. Download dependancy walker to your machine
    2. Copy it to the LG
    3. Open it
    4. Drag DotnetExtensionReplay.dll to the tool
    5. On one of the views you'll see all the dlls that this dll dependant
    6. At least one of them should be with a red icon (due to the error you got)
    7. Compare this dll version to the dll on the Vugen machine and see if the versions match