Load Runner - Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host

I am receiving the following error in my Load Runner Script only when I go to run it as a Load Test:

(Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host)

I use to know the fix for this and to be honest I can't remember it for the life of me. I want to say it has to deal with adding another function back into my script. Has anyone else had this problem. I am recording using URL mode/HTTP & OracleNCS Protocols. My version of LR is 9.0

Thanks for the respones in advance!



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  • Check out the links to knowledge based articles in this thread:


    I believe that you need to modify the config file by adding a ServerURL parameter.

  • For some reason I am not able to open any of the documents you have linked to in your responses on previous threads for this similar issue.
  • I am also seeing this issue. I am testing and instance of Oracle R12 and I have correlated the icx_ticket and jsessionid items.

    Is there anything else which I need to do in order for the ica_connect_server command to execute properly.
  • There are normally 2 ways of resolving this problem (you may need to do both)

    1) If you receive a message in the log file something like: ifError expired (5) then try: In Runtime Options~Oracle NCA~Client Emulation~Pragma Mode increase the Max retries to 50 (or a few more if required)

    2) You will probably need to Correlate, if you auto-correlate you will probably get an entry something like:


    and you won't see the parm actually used in the script. However this parm is used by the nca_connect_server command and refers to the default.cfg file to find the name of the parm.

    In most cases a jsessionid is used and you will need to ADD another parm to cope with this e.g.:


    put this straight after the original parm.

    Then substitite the jsessionid in the following step with the new parm as with any other correlation.

    Hope this helps
  • Did you get solution for this issue? . I am also facing same issue on Oracle 12.0 forms.


    Any help will be much appreciated.

  • If you have already tried all the below steps yet facing the issue, also try this: go to the script folder, open up the default.cfg, add the following lines
    try replay now.

  • I got this to work using a similar approach to what Ray mentioned.


    Recording Protocol: Oracle Web App 11i


    The script already had this correlation variable for Session ID...so I used it.


    ***Correlation Variable***






    //    web_url("lservlet;jsessionid=fj9RSpsZswsqnMKyMMjc93fCNDDpB2Wxmfygl30HtmmJnNkF1BgD!-1314234205", 
    //        "URL=https://wfl-prod.web.com/forms/lservlet;jsessionid=fj9RSpsZswsqnMKyMMjc93fCNDDpB2Wxmfygl30HtmmJnNkF1BgD!-1314234205?ifcmd=getinfo&ifhost=APP-29&ifip=", 
    //        "Resource=0", 
    //        "RecContentType=text/plain", 
    //        "Referer=", 
    //        "Snapshot=t139.inf", 
    //        "UserAgent=Mozilla/4.0 (Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1) Java/1.7.0_21", 
    //        "Mode=HTTP", 
    //        LAST);


    ***AFTER***NOTE that you have to use the correlation variable twice***    
            "UserAgent=Mozilla/4.0 (Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1) Java/1.7.0_21", 


  • Thanks Ray........it worked......

    It is very tricky!...

    But you were really great to find it ......!!!!


    Many Thanks!


  • I found a solution I might share.

    I kept getting Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host.

    I found it alwsays happened after recording a new action.


    After some digging I found that a value gets changed in the default.cfg

    The value


    was getting changed to:



    I simply changed this back in the default.cfg and replay worked fine!