Ajax TruClient : Error When logoff and relogin in same iteration

Its like

Homepage--> Login --> dashboard-->logoff-->homepage 2-->login 2--> dashboard 2 --> Logoff 2

This all is single iteration , this is just to check response time impact of cache.

however truclient script is failing at dashboard 2 with some 500 technical error while manually its working well.

any guess why this is happeneing ? anything to be taken care to make it working


  • Hi Anl,

    Which browser you are using?

    Maybe this is related to the cookie or cache setting. if so, you can use step "evaluate javascript code" to call TruClient api, Utils.clearCookies(); or Utils.clearCache()


    e.g. Homepage--> Login --> dashboard-->logoff-->Utils.clearCookies(); Utils.clearCache(); -->homepage 2-->login 2--> dashboard 2 --> Logoff 2

  • if the goal is to validate how much time it takes while static resources are downloaded from the cache then it is better not to use clearCookies and clearCache before doing the second round.

    Can you please share a snapshot of the error you get?

    Can you please share the Vuser log file?



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