Loging out existing session in server

We are creating 4000 user session using 50 Vusers. Currently,One Vuser will log in multiple times with out logging out. For example, a Vuser will do first login with a User id from available pool of Ids and in next iteration it will take another unique user id from rest of the pool . So after running full iterations there will be 4000 unique user sessions in the server.

What we required is to log out these 4000 users one by one, once 4000 session logins are achieved . Is there any way we can achieve this?

  • Hi,

    I'm guessing that your business process is being recorded using the Web Protocol and that the "login" step involves clicking on a login link and providing a username/password pair to complete this step. Once the login completes you might expect to see some header value being populated with a "context" value which represents the user session so you would need to "capture" that value (correlation?) and then "store" it within a data structure that is managed by your script.

    The first step then would be to record a "simple" single user login/logout script and replay it with full extended logging. It is possible that correlations will be added during script generation however it should be possible for you to inspect the replay log and identify values that change. Replay a second time to confirm what values change from session to session (you may choose to use a different set of credentials the second time). 

    You may be faced with some gotchas like what if the server "rejects" multiple connections from a particular IP address or perhaps implements a limit on the quantity of connections. Also it may be that the server times out inactive sessions and a workaround for this might be to modify the application under test (AUT) timeout period for the purposes of the load test.

    Hope this helps,