I got this error plz provide the solution for this......

"Action.c(201): Error -26631: HTTP Status-Code=400 (Bad Request) for ""



  • Hi

    it seems like you are recieving multiple errors. 

    A little bit more information might help in analyzing your problem:

    • What is you LoadRunner version?
    • What protocol are you running?
    • Are you experiencing this both in Vugen with 1 Vuser and in Controller with multiple Vusers?

    A 400 error means that your script somehow generated a bad http request - you will need to debug it, check for correct correlation parameters, parameters in general and work your way to the solution.

    Try 1 iteration first in Vugen. proceed with trying with 10 Vusers in Controller as a full installation.

    Good Luck,


  • 1. iam using hp loadrunner 12.53 version.

    2. iam running https Protocal

    3. iam not eceprience person to use load runner and doing practising.

    i havnt experience  both vugen  with 1 user.


    pl give the url for best examples  for practising with load runner

  • Hi

    I suggest to begin at the begining :-)

    This is the online help of LoadRunner.  Start with the Toturial , and work your way through it.

    It will give you a better understanding of the tool and the different issues you may encounter when working with it.

    Pay attention to the operating system you install it on, and that it is always better to run as an administrator when working with LoadRunner.

    The mdrv crash errors you stated can be caused by a number of reasons, none of which can be discerned through this forum, but rather through a support case that I reccomend you open after you run the tutorial and are more familiar with the tool.

    Feel free to post your questions on the tutorial here if something is not clear.

    Good Luck,