Unable to upload file while executing scenario from Load Runner Controller


I have created a VUGen script which is uploading a .xls file in the application. I have tried placing the file in "c:" drive and on the network path and both work fine from Vugen. After that I uploaded the VUGen test to ALM using the "All Files Mode" and then created a Controller scenario using the script from ALM. Now when I an running this scenario from Controller I am getting errors on the "web_submit_data" statement which is uploading the file.
The errors are:
1)Action.c(53): Error -26499: Internal Error - Pending in-function resources (EXTRARES) have not been handled (detected in fvLrwScriptApiCleanupUnhandledRemnants)
2)Action.c(53): Error -26488: Could not obtain information about submitted file "c:\CartUpload.xls": _stat32 rc=-1, errno=2 [No such file or directory]. Using an empty file

The upload file is kept at the same location on the controller system as well.

I am using Load Runner 11.52. Controller is installed on Windows Server 2008 machine.
Thanks for helping.


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    Hi Lavneesh, 


    Are you using the Controller as a load generator?

    You should put the files on the same path on all load generators machines which will be used in the scenario, so that these files can be found when the script is executed on each of the load generator machines. 


    Kind regards, 


  • Hi vmanolova,


    Thanks for the response.

    I am not using the controller as a load generator. So if I am uploading it from "c:" drive then I should put the file on all the load generators. But I am getting the same error even when I am uploading it from a shared location which is accessible from all the load generators.

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