WSE005 Soap error message in webservice protocol


I am using LR version 12.20.Trying to create webservice script.

While importing the WSDL, I used .NetFramework in the toolkit option.

I am getting below error while replaying the script-

Message:WSE005: The input was not a valid SOAP message because it has either the wrong name or the wrong namespace. The name specified follows: Envelope. The namespace it was defined under follows:
   at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.ProxyCreator.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)
   at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.NetReplay.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)

Then I used the Axis/Javabsed webservices framework in the toolkit option and got below error-

Action.c(3): Error:InvokeMethod failure: AXIS engine threw an exception.

Action.c(3): Error:Internal error, please call customer support. Details: Error while retrieving body -- can not parse output parameters

Need help.