BPC 10 NetWeaver - Lr12 replay issue

Hi all,


I am having issues replaying a BPC script with LR12, I have recorded the flow with fiddler serveral times and created the script directly (right click on fiddler log) and using the BPC 10 Toolkit as well, getting the same requests.


When running the script it failed due to a 500 error, almost at the end of the script. The error message is:

"[{"code":"UJX_ERROR_003","description":"Invalid value <PACKAGE_GET_PROMPT_REQUEST xmlns=\\"http at offset 0 expecting null or { for data type \\\\TYPE=UJXD_S_PACKAGE_INFO","severity":"error","...


But one request before the response is not complete, it is only"[]"  instead of the proper table but the HTTP code is OK "200".


Do you know about any VuGen limitations with BPC 10 NetWeaver or any security settings that may be blocking the script to get into those processes?



Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated.