How to setup Web Load Test using Think time and Pacing

Hi All, As I need to setup Load Test for below Web scenario, would greatly appreciate if someone could advise me for below questions.  Thanks a lot.  Leanne.


- 1200 users visit the Web per hour, average user visit time is 5min, Total 100 concurrent users (20user/min x 5min visiting time).
- 80% user trigger Business Process 1 Block: Login action, Browse Product action, Logout action.

- 20% user trigger Business Process 2 Block: Login action, Browse Product action, Submit Order action, Logout action.

- Each action triggers 1 HTTP request with target server response time 6 secs, and think time of 10 secs

Question 1)

Refer to above requirements, Business Process 1 requires 48 secs (i.e. 3 actions x 16 seconds), and Process 2 requires 64 secs (i.e 4 actions x 16 secs), so how can control the remaining times for Business Process 1 and 2 to simulate 5 min user visiting time (300 secs) ?  Is that I need to use Pacing time, so that load runner will trigger next vuser when reach fixed internal seconds, or I need to configure different total think time for above business process 1 and 2 ?

Question 2) If it is to use Pacing, am I right that I should use the Start New iteration at Fixed interval option and configure 300secs in this case, which is the user visit time 5min ? 

Question 3) Could you share on when the iteration at random interval will be used and how to calculate the random interval range ?



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  • Hi @LeannAnn,


    You use ThinkTime during the execution of a scenario, within an iteration.

    You use pacing between iterations.


    The use of ThinkTime and pacing depends on how the application is used by your customer…