error 35049 -no match found for requested parameter



Can anyone help on this error 35049 -no match found for requested parameter .I am getting this error in BPM.In the next script execution ,the script is running fine (script autos cheduled for 15 mins).Is there any probelm in script execution or problem in application side

  • Hello

    THe first things to try are:

    1. If you used the design studio for correlations, check that the correlation is valid. The design studio gives more possibilities that actuals. If you correlated manually use 'Advanced Trace' on Replay log, in the response data search for your correlation value. Check the left and right boundaries are correct in your correlation statement.

    2. Check the length of the correlated value, if it is exceeded the default it will have thrown that error too. This can be corrected with web.setparamlen() function at the head of your script.

    If it's not these then try capture the value you think is needing correlation manually in a browser, if the value is in the url you'll see it, if its in the pages then I'd use Chrome or IE dev tools to find the string containing the value.