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Bring Back VUDs (Virtual User Days)

Craig Kixmiller Craig Kixmiller
Status : Delivered

Delivered as part of the 2023 release and the VUFD feature.

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MicroFocus needs to bring VUD's back!

Every Summer we do our Open Enrollment (OEP) testing that requires extra VUsers to be tested. We typically go from our normal 2000 VUser test to testing with 14k to 20k (if we can make it there) and we achieved this by buying VUDs. This is typically done over a few days (4-5) in July/August and the option to take out VUDs was the worst thing you could have done to us. 2022 Was the first year we didn't have VUDs to test with. The options of VUH (Virtual User Hours) or buying a 1-month VUser license for extra VUsers are way too expensive of a 'replacement', compared to what we were getting from the VUD offers previously. 

Because of this business decision from MIcroFocus, we are now looking at other Performance Testing Tools that can help us complete our OEP testing in the summer. So, if you want to keep us as a customer, we need you to bring back VUDs.