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Use C# for your Web HTTP/HTML scripts, incl. SAP/Oracle etc.

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8 months ago


Recently my mind is blown away by C traps and pitfalls (a book name). While we can utilize recording to generate ANSI C script out of a web application, probably most of the time we still need to understand and modify the code. LoadRunner was invented 25+ years ago after all, at a time when VB, C/C++ dominated. After a few decades, supporting a modern scripting language like C# (or modern Java, or python) would be a great syntax sugar for most users. Javascript is one direction, now explored by DevWeb  (also Web protocols have a JS flavor in code generation settings, have you tried it?). What a nice world if the classic LR protocols like Web HTTP, Web Service, SAP/Oracle, etc. can also run as .NET languages, mainly C#?

While adopting .NET core, it will also keep the cross-platform ability for LoadRunner protocols. Imagine a Web HTTP Vuser script in C# (.NET core library) initially generated by VuGen recorder and maintained by PerfTesters easily, and then being executed by load generators on both Windows, Linux and etc.

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  • One concrete benefit of adopting .Net core versus C script:

    String Manipulation

    In C, we have to care about memory buffer allocation, and C string format and copy operations are tedious and error-prone. 

    in C#, we have built-in managed String class making everything trivial.


    Here is a sample C# Web HTTP script: