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Vugen to handle UFT-8 for Multi-Byte characters

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When using RestAPI UI(right click - insert - [Rest API]) to test the steps containing Chinese characters,it works well.

But after clicking the [insert steps] and testing by Vugen, as Vugen is using ANSI so if the receiving server is in Chinese UTF8, the steps fail with error code 415/400 because Chinese characters got corrupt.

Workaround : modify Encoding=UTF8 in .usr file and Encoding=UTF/UTF8InputOutput=1 in default.cfg


Though there is workaround available, it takes time to modify files for each script.

Request Vugen to have a more effective way to handle UFT-8 for Multi-Byte characters.

(e.g: add an option to use UTF-8 in the runtime setting)

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    When the receiving server is not using UTF8, customer still needs to change the parameter back even with the template. 

    The customer's expectation is to have an easier way like by UI to change the encoding used by Vugen script.


    Hi, the issue is not relevant to any specific APIs.

    you can add the changes into template files(e.g. \LoadRunner\template\qtweb) , in this way, new created scripts will contain your changes by default.