StormRunner Load Idea Exchange Community Announcement!

over 2 years ago

We are pleased to announce the launch of Idea Exchange for the StormRunner Load user community. The Idea Exchange is a web-based platform where users and practitioners like you can voice your ideas to improve the product, get feedback on your ideas, engage in dialogue with our product managers and SMEs, as well as vote on other’s ideas that you would like to see in the product.

As a community member, you can post your ideas the same way you post community messages, add comments and show support to other’s ideas by voting. The Idea Exchange replaces the current Enhancement Request process. You’ll find that we have already seeded the StormRunner Load Idea Exchange with ideas from the existing ER system, among others. Please take a look and vote for your favorites. Don’t see your #1 idea related to your product? Please add it!

This new Idea Exchange offers greater transparency than the current Enhancement Request process. It also provides visibility to what other community members are asking for, with the ability for you to show your support (votes) and help it refine. While there is no guarantee that your ideas will be accepted, Micro Focus product management will actively monitor the community and provide updates as needed. These updates are visible to all community members so, anyone can track the status of the ideas.

For more information on the submitting ideas in Idea Exchange, please review our submission guidelines and review process. Don’t have a Software Community account? See here for how to create one.

We encourage you to share your ideas, vote for your favourite ones and enhance existing ideas with your feedback and comments. Also, your feedback on the new Idea process is very welcome – please don’t hesitate to let the moderator know what you think!

Thank you!


StormRunner Load
Comment List
  • Hi Team, 
    Can we have a feature to  force stop a load test when errors are noticed/generated?

    I had started a 1 minute test run.  When I started noticing errors, I pressed the 'STOP TEST'  but the test finally stopped after 22 minutes!! 
    When I raised a ticket on this, I was informed that "when you press the 'stop' button LRC waits until all the vusers finish their current iteration before stopping script execution. Then the data is uploaded into the LRC servers, and all the test components get decommissioned.That's the reason why there's no immediate test stop. LRC currently doesn't offer the capability of stopping a test upon script"

    As an end-user,  having to wait 22 minutes for a 1-minute test to stop, this is an waste of resources, especially when we are doing VUH tests.. 
    Can this feature be considered ? 


  • Hi Team,

    In current SR plugin for integration with Jenkins jenkinsStormPlugin.hpi, we can pass TestID only as integer value which restricts us to pass the value dynamically in "build with parameter" option in Jenkins.


    We have to hard code the TestID in configuration of Jenkins for each scenario which limits the automation capability.


    If we can make TestID as string, we should be able to use a variable for the same which can be passed as parameter with "build with parameters" option in Jenkins.

    Also if it is possible to pass multiple TestIDs in one Jenkins job, it can trigger multiple test scenarios in parallel in SR using one Jenkins job.

    Please look into the feasibility of the use case.



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