Device Lab - x out of x devices in use

Device Lab - x out of x devices in use

We originally had Professional and 8 licenses so we would see x out of 8 devices in use shown towards the top left of the Device Lab screen.  This was a quick view of how many devices we had in use out of the 8 licenses we had available.

We then upgraded to Enterprise recently and also had to reinstall UFT Mobile onto a fresh Windows  install.  I am not sure which or when but the message "x out of x devices in use" no longer appears on the screen.

Was that a feature of Professional and now that we have Enterprise edition, maybe due to multi work space option, etc., UFT Mobile Enterprise no longer show us the "x out of x devices in use"  on the screen?

How can I tell now how many devices I have in use quickly?

See attached for a view from our Professional screen showing what I mean before and now after


UFT Mobile Devices In Use.png



UFT Mobile Devices In Use2.png