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We want to test and debug the mobile compatible web application we developed using Ark in the UFT Mobile Center

Hi all,

“When we tested the mobile responsive web application that we developed using Ark on the UFT Mobile center, we encountered a bug. We had to debug to understand why this problem was caused.

However, there is no debugging environment on the UFT Mobile center for the mobile responsive web projects.

Mobile responsive web applications developed using Ark are increasing day by day in our company, and it is becoming common practise to opening these pages via browser and also native mobile applications within the scope of multichan, therefore, the necessity for an environment where mobile responsive web applications can be debugged on the UFT Mobile center will increase in parallel.

We kindly ask for your support for resolution that will meet this need on the UFT Mobile platform. “

Below, we share the link that explain the debug methods in ios and android environments.

In summary: We want to debug through the browser in the mobile device.

For example: