Idea ID: 2757211

A tool to gather all needed customers' data and to remove all private information

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

A UFT Mobile customer faces some non-reproducible issues and we often require the customer to provide their logs or parameters. However the customer must spend much time (e.g. half a day) on the following operations.

1) gather all needed logs/parameters

2) remove all private information

3) merge all the above into a few small size files and compress them. 

If this product prepares a tool for the above like WebInspect, red long-open cases will be reduced.

UFT Mobile has the following functionality. Settings the value “Sanitize log reports” to true seems IP addresses are excluded from device.log files.  

UFT Mobile.png

However, the sanitation can't remove all private information like mail addresses and employee numbers etc.