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Add option for "application only" workspaces to simplify app management

RichardMJBishop RichardMJBishop
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Hi Richard, adding here the comments from the email:

You should be able to use workspaces in this way at least partially already now, if you encounter any issue please let us know.

In manual testing, UFT Developer and Appium, you can install on a device an app from a different workspace. For manual testing you should make sure that the workspace selection (top right in Device Lab) is set to All.

In UFT One, only devices and apps from the selected workspace are displayed and can be selected currently, this is something that we can consider to change, but you should be able to install an app from a different workspace by manually creating/defining the object.


See status update history

Where I work, different teams are working on different "builds" of our core applications. Our applications work by having a standard iOS or Android application for retail banking with certain "WebView" components written by other business areas who want to add additional capabilities to the standard banking application. These additional applications may be for sharedealing, insurance, mortgages or other applications.

The teams developing these applications take the standard application and add their additional components in forks of the main build. These forks produce multiple different versions of the application, although each version of the app has the same name and "looks the same" when uploaded into UFT Mobile. Unfortunately this can cause confusion for testers. It is common for testers to push the wrong version of the application to a mobile device. This causes confusion and delays to testing.

One solution to this problem would be for us to create multiple workspaces, some which contain applications and others which contain mobile devices. If we could add users from "mortgages" to a workspace with shared devices and at the same time add them to a "mortgages application" workspace, we could ensure that they can only install "their version" of the application. This would reduce confusion and simplify testing.

To date, I've created specific workspaces for teams and asked them to upload their apps into their workspaces. As usage of UFTM increases, I need to ensure that shared devices are used where possible. To facilitate this I'd like to have "app only" workspaces and "device only" workspaces. That way users can pick the apps that they want when using devices in a shared pool.

I'd like to see this feature added to UFT Mobile to improve the management of applications and devices.


    Agree with your idea Bish. if micro focus enables this capability it would be more beneficial for the ground engineers.