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Audio streaming for iOS

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Adding the option for live audio streaming from the device for manual testing.

Audio streaming for Android: /adtd/sws-fun_test/mobilecenter/i/mobilecenterideas/audio-streaming-support-in-android-devices


Manual Testing
  • I'm pleased to report that this enhancement request has been accepted and we've now started to use audio streaming on iOS devices as part of our accessibility tests.

  • This suggestion originally came from me and I'd like to expand on the reason for this enhancement request. 

    Where I work, we have several teams of manual testers who work on accessibility testing for our applications. Part of accessibility testing is to check that screen reader applications can successfully read content from our applications for blind and partially-sighted customers.

    At the moment, we can use the audio capabilities of Mobile Center to make a recording (as a WAV file) of audio this works fine for automated tests but not for the manual / exploratory testing which is done by the accessibility test teams. If it was possible to stream the audio from a mobile device to the browser of a manual tester this would be a real benefit for us since it would reduce the number of devices that we need to buy for accessibility testing.

    This may also be a useful feature for people who wish to test other websites or applications with embedded audio/video although I accept the obvious potential limitations due to network bandwidth and latency.