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Device reservation parameters panel for the administrator

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Under Consideration
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9 months ago

Currently we have almost 1000 users and 250 devices, this considerable difference between devices and users together with the excess of reservations by the same users has led us to situations where we have almost all of our devices occupied but not even 25% of them in fact being used.

That is why we think it became very important to be able to set the reservation rules through a screen, only for the administrator with options like:

1-Maximum number of concurrent reservations per user;
2-Reservation maximum period  (in hours)

Each workplace will have its own rules or will assume the standard rules, being something customizable.

In addition, on the current reservation screen it would be great to sort and filter information by user, device, date, etc.

Finally, on this same screen you guys can add information such as:

1-Amount of time that a given device/reservation was in fact used. (Important to check the vacancy of that reservation).

This customization will improve a lot the tool usage.

  • Hello.


    On our side we roughtly the same amount of devices and users, the proposed changes would be very interesting for us also.


    the amount of time the reservation was used is present in the audit tables so it would be "easy" to show this in a statistics page.