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Enable audio recording on devices and download of audio file after a test

RichardMJBishop RichardMJBishop
Status : Under Consideration

Audio streaming is supported for iOS (without phone calls audio currently) and will be available also for Android soon.

Audio recording for automation and for manual testing is in our backlog.

Regarding the implementation, in general we prefer software-based solutions to allow using the features easily also with on-premises devices, but we definitely consider also solutions which involve additional hardware.

See status update history

We currently use a competing product for automated functional testing of applications on mobile devices. This allows us to record remote audio on mobile devices and then download audio files after a test. Our understanding is that the competitor uses a bluetooth recorder associated with each mobile device. The recordings of audio can then be downloaded from the device via an API after testing.

We understand that some vendors are also allowing audio comparisons to take place either my directly comparing audio from a "baseline test" with subsequent tests or by using an audio to text conversion and comparing text files.

It would be useful to have this capability in UFT Mobile for both iOS and Android devices.