Idea ID: 2871690

ER - Official support of Xamarin platform

Status : Accepted

We don't have a list of officially supported frameworks indeed, we are planning to add, but we do have customers who are testing apps developed with the Xamarin framework and with other frameworks, for example with React Native and Ionic/Cordova (Flutter is in our documentation).

For Xamarin apps we have a limitation which is that the apps cannot be instrumented, which means for example that you cannot use the UFT Mobile simulations for a Xamarin app.

If you do encounter an issue when testing a Xamarin app please submit a support ticket and we will look into it.  

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Xamarin is an open-source developer platform which extends the .Net developer platform for building apps for Android and iOS.

It's critical to be able to identify and handle objects in Android or iOS native mobile applications which are developed with Xamarin, as many organizations use this platform for developing.


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