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Notify Admin when a user role changes -> Specifically from User to Admin

Status : New Idea


As we know we don't have any notification scenarios in UFT Mobile. I would like to request this feature in the upcoming release, if possible. 

It's very hard to track from Admin when a User Role changes in UFTM. In case one admin wants to keep a record for changing ownership, then it is not possible. 

We can add some notification in UFTM itself and push this notification just a normal text message for Super adminc(admin@default, in case of SSO, LDAP - admin which connects SSO or LDAP) that "User X role has been changed to Admin on Date". Because there are multiple admins but if someone randomly changes user permission there is no option to track it. This is important for security reasons too. Especially for banking, telecom, and healthcare customers as they have more security concerns. 

I'm happy to do a call with you guys to explain more about this if needed. Thank you!




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