Idea ID: 2871285

Simulate FingerID and FaceID on Selenium / Appium

Status : Under Consideration

UFTM One (UFT) and UFT Developer (LeanFT) have functionalities to simulate FingerID and FaceID in iOS and Android, however it's not posible to do it though Selenium with UFT Mobile (Mobile Center).

Asking another business about this, we though that MicroFocus has the most useful and beautiful way to simulate this type of authentications though manual and automation testing, as the only requirement is to repackage the iOS application as we normaly do.

However, as our automation framework is developed in Selenium and Appium over Java, is not posible to use the current functionalities it.

Asking for this on MicroFocus support, they said it's posible to call the SDK function simulateAuthentication with SDK UFT Developer on Java, however it required a device object that only can be initialized with lockDevice function, which breaks everything.

We require to allow and implement simulateAuthentication though Appium or using SDK with the Appium driver.


Appium Integration
Manual Testing
Signing and Packaging