Idea ID: 2871886

Support app version/counter through Appium capabilities in UFTM

Status : Under Consideration

We need to add app version/counter/build number parameter to Appium capabilities when we start scripts, which based on UFTM+Appium integration. Currently we can launch our tests with only the following parameters using Appium capabilities:

"android_farm": { 'appPackage': 'ru.test.apk', "platformName": 'Android', 'appActivity': 'ru.test.apk.ActivityMain', }, in this case only the latest version of the app in UFTM repository can be used. We need functionality, which provide capabilities to select particular app version for the test like we have in UFTM REST API. We need this for cross-versions mobile testing and parameterisation. 


Appium Integration
Apps Management