How can you connect a C-based vuser into an Oracle database?


Suppose i have a HTTP/HTML recorded script or some other c-based vuser.  


What mechanisms are there to allow that vuser to connect to an oracle database?  In this scenario, the Oracle DB is not the application-under-test.  It is for other purposes (e.g. an alternative to VTS, to extract real-time data).



I have been thinking about OCILIB.  Not sure how you compile that library.


Is there any existing DLL-based approach?


Can you do it within SharpDevelop from 11.5 onwards?





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    So you are trying to establish a connection to an external Oracle DB for data extraction purposes from within an existing http/html or any other script type?


    I do not see an easy dll-approach for this as such but you should be able to record an Oracle 2-tier script seperately against the Oracle DB by establishing a connection through SQL Plus or some other client, copy paste the code for connection and any data extraction steps from there into your existing web script to achieve the purpose



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