Need to retrieve dynamic data from pop-up window

Hi All,

Iam working on Oracle NCA HTML/HTTP multi protocol.
I was trying to correlate one dynamically generated ID which is shown on a pop-up window, as it was a pop-up message iam unable to get the data.
Please find the log as it is generated for the ID.
nca_set_window("Submit Request")
Action.c(512): Registering web_reg_save_param was successful [MsgId: MMSG-26390]
Action.c(518): Console message: FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 1 records applied and saved.
Action.c(518): Popup message: question - Request submitted.
(Request ID = 2342642)

Submit another request?
Action.c(518): Add to flush terminate message
Action.c(518): nca_button_press("WORK_ORDER_SUBMIT_0")

Advice me on how to get the data from an pop-up window which is not editable.