ALM11: Run Test failed: Reason: 'Error:81018 LR_VUG: cannot remove the directory c:\tmp\unqKAr.361



We are facing issue in ALM11.0 test execution with Time slots. PFB deails and please help to reslove it.


Scheduled a test scenario in Auto start mode with 4 hosts and 2K users. But it didn't started properly and got a log message as "Run Test failed: Reason: 'Error:81018 LR_VUG: cannot remove the directory c:\tmp\unqKAr.361'.


The same scenario with same timeslot has been used already multiple times succesfully but some times we end up with this failures.


Any idea for the test failure and how to resolve the issue.



  • Try torun this query:


    update TEST_CONFIGS

    set tsc_vc_checkout_user_name = null

    where tsc_vc_checkout_user_name is not null

    and tsc_id not in

    (select tsc_id from vc_test_configs)




    Mohammed Hamed

  • It's a known problem.

    Especially the "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Load Generator\Temp" can cause "path too long" errors.

    In Performance Center version 12.20 patch 2 or LoadRunner version 12.02 patch 3 (and up) the location of the temporary directory is set in an init file on the Controller which controls the load generator in question.
    In older versions set the TMP environment variable on the load generator itself.
    command: setx TMP D:\tmp /m
    or set the TEMP variable in Windows as below:
    1. Right-click on the ‘My Computer’ icon on the desktop and select ‘Properties’.
    2. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the ‘Environmental Variables’ button.
    3. There are two sections listed: User Variables and System Variables. Under each section, you should see a variable for TEMP and TMP.
    4. Double-click on these entries, and modify the location to the temporary environment created above.