Correaltion in oracle Nca forms

Hi , How do we capture dynamic values in Oracle Nca protocol , as we dont have any server response.

I am getting some dynamic value in text field , and there is no http page involved , so we cannot use web_reg_save_param,

I tries using nca_edit_get_text , but this extracts the value only after the field is populated.

My primary question is how do we capture dynamic value in forms.




  • What dynamic value in form are you referring to? Is it form ids which are shown at the top of the page?

  • What dynamic value in form are you referring to? Is it form ids which are shown at the top of the form page?

  • Hi Arnad

    It is an order number which gets generated along the flow.

    Its a copy order script

    so we have a fixed order say :1234

    and every time we copy the oder there is a text box in which a new value gets populated with every iteration. say 4321 in the seccod iteration
    the copuied value becomes say 4322 and so on .

    as we click on copy the new generated value gets populated in a text box.
  • Oh you cannot correlate this. There is a different way for doing this. You have to capture the form name instead of form id.
    To begin recording Oracle Application virtual user scripts there are a couple of setup items that are required. By default the Oracle Application Applet window does not transfer the Java
    Object names in the applet. To enable the passing of the Java Object names one of the
    following must be done.

    Option 1:
    On the web servers for your applications log on as the application
    owner. Go to the $OA_HTML/bin directory and alter the appsweb.cfg
    file. In this file update the line with record= and append to it â namesâ . The line
    should read
    The appsweb.cfg file is the configuration file for the appsbase.htm file which is
    used to startup the applications (applet) window. Before each connection is made
    the variables will be read from the appsweb.cfg file, therefore restarting the
    web/forms servers are not necessary.

    In some older versions the configuration file is formsweb.cfg and the startup file is startup.htm.

    Option 2:
    Change the â ICX: Forms Launcherâ profile option in the database to add the
    following string at the end of the value â ?record=namesâ

  • Hi Arnab ,

    I need to correlate a value, I guess your explanation which u gave in ur last post is regarding issues with recording.

    That a text field( or any other field) value( some number ) comes up in the script instead of its name , ( thus we have to make the setting changes that u suggested ) .

    But the value I am trying to capture ( correlate ) is a value which is generated along the flow and I know what that value is ( it is an order number ) .

    I wanted to know , how to capture this value .

    I actually did not understand whole of your explanation , till the time I find out the way to do what you have explained , I am just ensuring whether you got my query correctly.


  • Hi All,


       we are also facing same issues ,Kindly let me know if you have any updateds or progress on this.


    Thanks in advance.


  • I also have a similiar scenario in which a "Request ID" is generated in Create Accounting in Oracle EBS. I want to use the "Request ID" generated,  in subsequent transactions like diplay etc


    Please can anyone help in capturing the "request ID" in script .