How to use common function libraries in HP Performance Center



Need your help!


We are currently migrating from LoadRunner to PC 12.0. We have created some common function libraries (header files & C functions) which is being used across all the projects and scripts. For now we are maintaining it in a version controlled repository and having a local copy of that in our load generator machines. The scripts are pointing to the same and as of now works like a charm. However post PC migration we will have lot more LGs and we want to get away from the earlier process and possibly make use of PCs features that can support that. So question is


1. Does PC support something like that? Having a common function library? If so how can we do that. I read in this forum of shared scripts and including them as headers, but dont know how exactly that works.


2. Worst case if PC does not support it and we have to fall back on using a repository, how do i inculde a network shared files/folder as headers. Is it same as how we do for an absolute path.


Any response on this will be great.