HP Performance Center Setup



We are planning to setup the Performance Test Environment with HP Performance Center:


Have clarification on the below which is reliable and recommended


1. All Servers( Web, Appplication, DB) are in US and Performance Center Server is also in US.

But the Load Generators are in India.


Test will be executed in India


2. All Server (Web,Application, DB) is in India and Performance Center Server also in India. Load Generators in India.

Test will be executed in India






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  • Hi Rajaneesh,


    This is QC/ALM Forum.


    For performance center related questions you will recieve answers if you post your questions in any of the forums here.




    My advise is this,


    Try to setup all the servers at one location or near by locations with in one country,


    When you have Performance Center Application Server,DB Server , Repository in US , try to have other LG's as well in US.


    If you have the LG's in India when you trigger the run execution if it has to run on 30 LG's located in India there will be a lot of network latency and interruptions.


    It will not be a clean approach.


    Not to mention, if you want to exhibit WAN emulation for India you can do that using Network emulation tool SHUNRA.




  • Hello

    It is ok to have LG in india, just make sure they are LG SA and not hosts, you need also an MiListener on same network of PC server and the port 443 opened, check on userguide for all the details on how to set up a LG over Firewall

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