HP Performance Center Setup for the Test Enviornment



We are at the initial stage of the Performance Test Environment. Request to let us know which of the approach is recommended for the test execution in India:


1. Test Environment (Web, Application and DB Servers)  setup in US. ALM Performance Center Server is in US.


2. Test Environment (Web,Application and DB Servers) setup in India and APL Performance Center Server in India





  • Regardless of the location of the servers (US or India) it is extremely important that remember that the ALM, PCS, Host Controllers and Host Data Processors must all be co-located.  Only Load Generators can be "out in the world"


    Here are some things to consider:

    1) With ALM being the backbone of Performance Center you need to consider the fact that every user will need to download and install the ALM Client onto their machine.  This is a 250 MB client that is transferred to the user via the browser the first time they connect and any time that the ALM servers have a patch installed.  So I would strongly suggest that you put the server components where most of your end users of the tool are.


    2) You want load generators wherever you need to generate virtual user load.  So if you need to test an application or a web site from India, US, Japan, France, and Brazil, you need to have load generators in each of those locations and if you have firewalls you need to follow the correct setup to handle that


    3) While the Database server is not listed (and the repository as well) in the core servers that need to stay together, do yourself a favor and keep them together.  You will have fewer problems with script deployment to the controllers at the start of your tests, fewer problems with collation, and fewer problems with general speed of the application if you keep the database, repository, ALM server(s), Performance Center Server(s), and hosts all installed at the same location, preferably in the same rack but if that is just not possible, at least the same building.


    Hope this helps answer your questions.

    Craig Drummond

    HP Premier Support Technical Account Manager - ALM