Migration to HP Performancce Center v11.50 from HP Load Runner v11.0

Please tell , if existing Loadrunner Controller can be used with HP Performance Center v11.50.

I mean can I use existing hosts.


Thanks in Advance!



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    Hello Gupta


    Performance Center and LoadRunner are different products and requires different licenses, you need to contact you sales representative so you get the required PC licenses

     If you already own PC and you only need to add more controlers to it then you can do it, it requires no license, and you can have as many as you want to,  but you must install the PC host software and remove the LoadRunner software since they cant be togheter on the same machine, the existing limitation of the concurrent runs remains the same and is given by your PC license, if more concurrent runs are required, then please contact your sales.



    hope this calrifies



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