"Host's installation is invalid" - Error during "Reconfigure Host"


One of the host LG machine is in "Non-Operational" status. Under Lab Management, I tried to select the host and click on "Reconfigure Host" and I get the below error.


Could not reconfigure the following host(s) (reason in brackets):


- <HostName>(Host Installation is invalid)


Successfully reconfigured 0 Host(s)


I have restarted the agentservice for that host, did a re-installation of "PC Host" and also a machine restart, but it still does not resolve the issue.

Can I get some pointers on what causes this error and possible resolution for the same?

  • I'd firstly check the Performance Centre host services are actually running on the Host:

    1) datamanagement

    2) Performance Center Load Testing Service

    3) Performance Center Agent Service - if you are running the agent as a service (i.e. have configured an account for it to run as) via Performance Center Agent Runtime Settings utility rather than having this set to "Manually log in to this machine".  Check the acount you are running as has suitable permissions e.g. you could use IUSR_METRO local accont as a test.


    Check if Windows Firewall enabled - if so temporarily disable or create inbound/outbound port rules to allow the neccessary ports - check HP docs for details of these.


    Under ALM Lab Management under Performance Center, review System Health of components, this could indicate a problem elsewhere.


    Review the agent logs for errors i.e. under Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\orchidtmp and on your PC server(s).


    Check connectity between PC servers and Host, also check name resolution, try using a static IP if using name fails.  You can use Telnet to check ports are open/listening.


    Also try running the service manually as a local admin i.e. log on after configuring agent runtime settings to run manually, and check for the satellite dish icon in the system tray, in case some kind of permissions/trust issue.


    Disable UAC and DEP on the host (as per HP's reccommendation).  Also check any anti-virus software blocking any activity.


    Also have a look at the troubleshooting guide in the HP Documentation.


    If all else fails, try a removal and reinstall of the software, also make sure the neccessary patches are installed.


    Good luck!