TruClient successfully runs test in interactive mode, fails when running via VuGen



I have a TruClient script that I am running on LoadRunner (VuGen) 11.0, patch 3. When I replay the script in 'develop' mode (In Mozilla Firefox) it successfully replayed, including validating a specific object.

However, when I run the script in Vugen it returns a  "Target Object not found" error for that object. If I upload the script to our BSM montior, it will always fail on that step.


I tried the following:


  • Refining/training the object
  • Using a different object
  • Adding supporting objects around the object
  • Adding a 'wait' statement prior to validation 

I am aware there is a "solved" answer to this, but the "solution" is to apply a patch, and I am patched all the way up to the latest version. (11.0 patch 3)


Is there anything else I can do?